Composite Ultra Force Curling Broom

A great broom for curlers of all ages and skill levels. Lightweight and durable this 1" Composite curling broom optimizes performance, minimizes weight, and maximizes strength.

The Ultra Force Brush maximizes sweeping effectiveness and efficiency. The Ultra Force head is molded with polypropylene. The mold design is reinforced so rigidity of the head occurs when pressure is applied. The firm head places equal pressure on all areas of the pad. The pivot on the head is made of high-grade steel with a machine threaded screw. The steel connecting rod is molded into the head and runs from the front edge to the back edge. This direction gives the sweeper more advantage in applying equal force to the forward and back brush stroke. The pad attaches to the head by Velcro® making for quick replacement. The head measures 20.3 cm long and 8.2 cm wide. This size allows sweepers to brush close to the rock. The head is light weight at only 156 grams. The pad is made of cordura fabric, Velcro® and foam. The cordura nylon is long wearing and will give you efficient sweeping for lots of games. The foam is firm in density. The stiffness allows the curler to polish the top of the pebble. The foam is low profile and water resistant. If you are a competition curler, we have an approved World Curling Federation pad to fit your needs.

Asham Composite handles are made with the same table-rolled carbon fiber layup techniques of professional hockey sticks and a composite blend of both carbon fiber sheet and lightweight fiberglass to bring you an economical lightweight broom. This composite handle comes with a Ultra Force head and pad. 

Available in either a 1" or 1-1/8" diameter handle. 

Weight handle only:

1" 246 grams

1-1/8" 273 grams