Teflon® 3/32" Disk

Our Ultra Lite RDS™ makes it possible to change and customize your slider with any combination of our sliding disks. The sliding disks are attached to the shoe by way of Velcro® making it easy to change or replace your disks.

Over time small scratches will form in your slider from use. These scratches can cause drifting during delivery. In addition to allowing you to customize your slider easily, the RDS™ helps eliminate drift by allowing you to remove the disk, rotate it and put it back on until you find the straightest sliding path. This can be done repeatedly to extend the life of your sliders.

Teflon® has a low coefficient of friction, has an excellent service life and retains it's properties over a long period of time making it an ideal sliding material. 

The Teflon® 3/32" disk has a speed rating of 7 on a scale of 10.

Small fits a ladies back

Medium fits a ladies front or men's back

Large fits a men's front